The IntelliShare (INE) technical team consists of the Shanghai Pudong Mesh Technology Research Team and the Silicon Valley IntelliShare LAB (Lab)-blockchain technology research team. The team consists of software engineering elites from famous companies such as Tesla and Google, as well as a number of talents from leading universities such as MIT.


IntelliShare (INE) Silicon Valley Research Lab (IntelliShare Lab) and Silicon Valley decentralized education institution The Den, provide talent for IntelliShare (INE).

Currently IntelliShare (INE) has entered into a course partnership with the University of California, Irvine. IntelliShare (INE) and the State University of New York's Buffalo Blockchain ThinkLab have established a corporate partnership to jointly develop blockchain technology.

Edgar Lei, head of Silicon Valley Labs, has been included in the list of technical supporters by the ThinkLab of State University of New York at Buffalo.