Distributed Commerce
The Possibility of Future

IntelliShare Mesh implements application firstly, then create a public chain reversedly. Because Mesh network is an customized exclusive distributed network, and a Token economy model has been made within the distributed network. The application scenarios can be a chain store, a hotel, a factory and an intelligent community. We can make an exclusive Token model that is based on Mesh network.

When the models increase, the mini economies need a value circulation mechanism. Because they hope the value can reach a consensus, transmit, exchange, confirm among more people, IntelliShare (INE) therefore comes into being.

The Inevitability of Future

Individual As a Node

Everyone can get IntelliShare distributed network infrastructure, and everyone is a portion of the infrastructure. With blockchain technology and Token mechanism, everyone participate and co-construct so as to achieve the value circulation and thus, form a new human collaboration organization.


Every scenario that needs network is a natural distributed network. In distributed network, every scenario can form a self-growth blockchain ecosystem. Besides, it can circulate the value and launch the blockchain into a wider world while nudging and booming the traditional finance and commerce.

Finally, the human collaboration organization will co-construct the new commercial civilization and make a contribution to human advanced civilization.