Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain ecosystem is heading the following three directions:

Distributed computing power, the direction represented by BTC and ETH;

Distributed storage, the direction represented by IPFS technology;

Distributed network, the direction represented by INE Mesh network;

The blockchain world might not need the second BTC, but a new INE is necessary. The last jigsaw of distributed world is decentralized distributed network, and IntelliShare will devote to embark on a new path.


Distributed Computing Power

BTC and ETH represent the direction of distributed computing power, which is based on a large scale parallel computing so as to maintain the security and stability of the network. Meanwhile, distributed network relies on underlying equipment, and requiring a large number of facilities to provide computing power guaranteed. However, it’s easy to cause vacant computing power underutilized when the computing power is too large.

Distributed Storage

IPFS represents the blockchain underlying protocol of distributed storage. By connecting all the equipment with same document system, and using the addresses that based on the content to replace traditional DNS. To verify and ensure the consistency of the document with Hash so as to achieve a faster, safer and stronger network access than traditional Internet.

Distributed Network

IntelliShare Mesh network represents the distributed network, which is the final link of the distributed world. Within the link of the distributed network, its node can be the terminal node or transmitted node, which can connect each other as well.

Through distributed network, an exclusive network can be customized; an exclusive Token economy can be formed. When the exclusive Token economies increase, setting a uniform circulated mechanism to figure out the consensus problems among different exclusive distributed networks.

Vitalik Buterin(V神)
Vitalik Buterin

The founder of Ethereum, Russian hacker

Mesh network with incentive mechanism and paying wireless access hot spot are the two areas where blockchain technology can be widely used.

Kevin Kelly(凯文·凯利)
Kevin Kelly

The author of Out of Control: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems, and the Economic World, the editor of Wires, the expert of global Internet

Xiao Feng

Ph.D in Economics of Nankai University, the expert of China digital assets, Wangxiang Blockchain founder, the early donation of Ethereum community.

In Blockchain projects, the basic concept of operation of community is de-hierarchy. In other word, trying hard for the belief. However, how to maintain the belief in community and to reach a consensus with more people is worth exploring. In the IntelliShare community management ideas, respecting the core idea of decentralization and distributed Mesh network, which will form an highly autonomy community.

Fu Dekun

Red 13 foundation partner, Tendency Salon founder, the early donation of Ethereum Chinese community

Mesh technology is safe and controllable in business area. The constitute of the chain changes from the individual as a node into an organization as a node. In this process, Mesh will be a significant section.

IntelliShare Mesh technology has distributed structure while giving developers and participants incentive under the Token mechanism, which encourages people to keep participating and moving forward. In addition, with the requirement of future data security, Mesh can provide necessary assists.