IntelliShare (INE) is a blockchain-based underlying network protocol ecosystem. With the fusion technology of Mesh Network and blockchain, it has been widely applied in blockchain ecological network, networkless communication, the Internet of Things and transportation network.

It’s another infrastructure that is parallel to the Internet, which embarks on a new path with different blockchain distributed computing power: distributed networks.

Internet of World

IntelliShare is constructing the distributed network based on blockchain technology.

Internet, exclusive network and blockchain can be fused together anytime to meet different network need under the IntelliShare network environment. It’s a supplement and extension for the current global Internet, which is called the distributed network of Token Economy.

Let’s take a look at how IntelliShare works!

Technical Patent
Multiple Frequency Networking

Each node in the IntelliShare Mesh can use different frequency bands in the post backing and accessing. The problem of channel interference can be solved by using the unique optimization algorithm to select the best channel automatically, which improve the network extension and communication performance.



The signal strength of the traditional Mesh network would decline slowly with the skip of the number of the nodes. According to our team’s data model of Mesh network test at the present stage, this attenuation rate can be controlled at about 1%.

Distributed Key Algorithm

The “double key” confirmation method extended by the concepts of public keyserver and private keyserver. The connection confirmation of the fixed nodes in the underlying protocol link layer formed by the public keyserver and the secondary confirmation formed in the application layer shall be determined by the specific private keyserver. The “double key” model can form the confirmation of scaled accurate data, and provide a variety of rich and accurate business scenarios and precise business scenarios that face the final customer for the IntelliShare Mesh on the business level.

Net Pool Technology

The net pool technology is the core technology of the nodes of the IntelliShare Mesh. The extension features of the nodes of the IntelliShare Mesh can break the quantity limitation of the equipments, that is the interconnecting equipments between the nodes do not have corresponding connection problems with the increase of the number of nodes, they can maintain their smooth and multi-hop feature.

Technical Layer

Distributed Network Layer

IntelliShare wireless Mesh network (WMN) is a perfect distributed peer to peer communication network. Applying Mesh technology, blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology to form an diverse commercial ecosystem that can self-organize and self-extend is the core.

Public Blockchain Layer

In the second layer of IntelliShare distributed network, by utilizing the distributed accounting technology, it can help register the Mesh Internet nodes offering traffic, conduct the date-matching identification, and make the node port perform a unique value authentication through time, loss and nodes in fixed proportion and double-check according to the comparison of data-maintenance among nodes to ensure their accuracy.

Public Blockchain Layer

INE is the Token of the distributed network ecosystem. In IntelliShare (INE) Mesh distributed network ecosystem, by sharing INE Mesh network resource, accepting content publishing, trading, exchanging and project rewards to gain INE. Therefore, INE can circulate in Mesh mechanism and encourage nodes contributors.

Token Mechanism

IntelliShare Token, abbreviated to INE. The total amount of the INE issuance is 986,000,000, and is constant and will never increase.

1) Gradually put on the market according to the mining plan.

2) Angel investment: 14% (locked position). Rewards for early investment incubators and long term incentive.

3) For technology research and development so as to improve the technology.

4) For encouraging community technical development and products implementation.

5) For maintaining the operation of the foundation, promoting the hedge of digital assets. Using IntelliShare Foundation to invest IntelliShare projects so as to create an ecological circle of IntelliShare.